Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is well known for its high professional standards and teaching faculty. It is the first choice of students who choose to pursue their studies in a multicultural setting. A wide range of ethnic groups and citizens of all origins live in New Zealand, making it a culturally diverse place that attracts foreign students. Educational institutions in New Zealand are globally recognized and are considered to be premium. There are a wide variety of options open to foreign students: quality secondary education, a well-established network of English language schools and globally accredited and recognized higher education providers. New Zealand is one of the happiest, most stunning nations in the world. With outstanding learning opportunities and world-class schooling, it has become one of the most enticing destinations for international students. Owing to its low cost of living and exclusive facilities, a substantial number of foreign students chose to study in New Zealand each year.

Affordable Education

New Zealand, because of its lower annual tuition rates and its low living costs for many courses is the best international study destination for Indian Students. Living costs in New Zealand are cheaper than other study abroad destinations such as Canada, the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia. Accommodation options, transport facilities and other basic necessities are readily available at affordable prices in the country making it an educational hub.

Better Quality Of Life

Studying with people from all over the world is great fun. Foreign students are often warmly accepted by New Zealanders so that they can integrate and become part of their society quickly, thereby providing them a better quality of life.

Employment Opportunities

Being a developed nation, the country offers its graduates with various job opportunities in diverse sectors ranging from social work, health, technology etc. thereby improving their standard of living.

Work While Studying

Students typically work while learning to cover their living costs and obtain experience. Students studying in New Zealand can work when they are learning. With a student visa, students can work 20 hours a week during study and full time during planned holidays. There are numerous part-time jobs available in industries such as shopping, catering, accounting, insurance, etc.

Top Universities and Colleges

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University of Auckland
University of Otago
University of Canterbury
Victoria University of Wellington
University of Waikato
Massey University
Lincoln University
Auckland University of Technology
AUT University
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